News & happenings

May 9, 2005

Changes, Part 666

This site will experience some kind of facelift in the next few years. If you want to listen to Reactors latest demo, visit

April 9, 2005

Peace and quiet

The gigs went just fine, for most the parts. The fellow acts were again nice and cool, Niko was drunk as f*ck. So nothing special. That usual shit. So, nothing new in sight nothing important to report no new shit coming or anything soo…. Though about the webpage I don’t know, since they’re not on...

March 16, 2005

On a rampage

Keeping it short, there is more live shit coming down this faggot-alley. I shall list those dates here and now, plain and simple: March 23rd, Wednesday, at Klubi, with Stanley and Gods&Fists March 26th, Saturday, at S-Osis, with The High Tide Band and some other(s) That’s about it for now. What it takes to get...

March 7, 2005

Live, part fourhundredandfourtyfour

More live Shit is coming up. In the form of an event, filled with warm milk and whiskey. Show up, we do share. We’ve got some cookies too. Lots of honey beer and pistachios. It’s on March 23rd, which happens to be a Wednesday. The other one in whicih we might also play, follows just...

February 16, 2005

New Live Dates

Tomorrow. Live at Klubi. In Turku. With three hard bashing bands. 5 euros. Doors open at 9 pm. That is all.

January 14, 2005

Alive and killing

Hey, it’s time to babble about the future again and what it might or might not bring. We have another act of live violence in Klubi ahead, again. This time with groups which act in the spirit of nu-metal. Bands being named such as Nicole, Rust and Ace In a Hole. The date is Wednesday...

December 27, 2004


For we are such heretics we missed our merry christmases, but I’m here to wish you all a happy new year let there be lots of joy and sorrow.

November 26, 2004

Live Reactor II

Hi. We are playing in Tampere next Thursday, 2nd of December. All the chord shooting will happen in Bar JeeJee, somewhere within the gothic scenery of Tampere. Also a local band named Claymore will be there. The wednesday’s gig went just great, thanks to all those nutheads who had the muscles to stand up and...

November 24, 2004

Live Reactor

Now it seems so, that we have a gig tomorrow Wednesday 24th in DownTown, Turku. We’ll slash something up on stage and give our instruments a go. We are standing in for some other act that couldn’t make it. Accompanying act is a band named Viper Arms. Everybody come see anything, there. Later, hippos.

November 12, 2004

Recorded Reactor II

The new Demo is here. Songs are available for downloading and listening in the address’ below. When you’re done, let us know whether one hates or dislikes. Control Awaits Think Christ Our webmaster has been busy designing new layout for the site. The update is coming soon. We hope…. Meanwhile, get busy with yourself.