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April 27, 2007

We are to be recorded (by our own)

Hello you sausage munching you that you are!! We are planning, and not only planning, but we are heading towards a building with abilities to record our satanic songs this summer. Hopefully we'll leave the studio with a disc full of blood, tears and MASSIVE fucking sounds!!!!!!! In other, oddly relative news, we are renewing...

April 9, 2007

Monster Bang

Another live-bang ahead. Next Thursday April 12th. The Info: "With Angry Host [irl] + dj Peter Vicar + Reverend Bizarre final album pre-listening session Pre-listening from 21.00 onwards, bands around 23.00." Tickets are four (euro). And we will see you there. We'll be sharpening our axes.

March 24, 2007

It’s live again

So the live bash is ahead, on Friday 30th of March at Klubi with Rozzy Randall and the.. and Polar Ends. Five euros to get in. Doors open 9pm. Be there to smell the new Reactor shit, and to see the new transformation of the Reactor.. Also new promotional photography soon to be in an...

February 24, 2007

Balls Are Back

We have succesfully incorporated testicularity once again into Reactor's music! We've got a bassist again! We'd like to welcome Heikki to be our new source of manhood in this band. He (oddly) accepted our invitation to accompany us in keeping up the legacy of Reactor. Heikki was the first one we had in mind for...

January 7, 2007

10 Years of something

Good afternoon! First off, judging by the rate of updates around here, one might think we’re not alive anymore. Unfortunately that’s not the case. We do have some sad news though. Our bassist Niko, after almost 10 years of rambling and heavy drinking, has decided to part ways with Reactor. We are, of course, saddened...

October 30, 2006

We breathe, apparently

Hello there, fellow crawlers. We are apparently breathing again, and thus seem to be alive. We have been rehearsing and putting new shit together. And putting up with new shit. Everything's rolling fine… Hopefully we'll get the new songs on tape as soon as possible and get to share the joy of slaughtering our instruments...

September 13, 2006

To see us live – Nähkäämme elävinä

Olemme soittamassa TVO’lla Turussa huomenna (14. syyskuuta). Oletettavasti kyseessä ovat opiskelijoiden villiäkin villimmät illanjuoksut. Sisään siis vain jos on (alkoholisti)opiskelija ja tarpeeksi tukevassa mielen sekavuudessa, silloinkin tosin on taskun pohjalta kaivettava 4e +narikka. Mitään muuta tietoa ei ole olemassa eikä tarvitsekaan tietää. Ellei toisin mainita. Hei hei. » Photo Gallery

June 10, 2006

A Show we did

Good morning. The show we hit last thursday (08.06) went fine until I managed to pop the drumhead of my snare. But it was fun while it lasted. And all the 5 people in the audience thought the same, I hope. Anyway a little update in terms of using your eyes. We have put up...

May 12, 2006

Buying Live

Okay so we got one live bashing ahead. Time and place: June 8th at Klubi, Turku with a band named Sara Lee. You’ll only need five (5) euros to get in. Now I gotta run, two kids are starving in Africa. Now you can have a taste of what we’re serving you live, from below....

April 29, 2006

Standing ovation of the one-eyed

Clap your hands, there’s much nothing else to do. And at least that’s what we’re all good at. This is just a random hello to all, only to inform that we haven’t died of a sudden heart failure caused by too much boner(music). The site has gone and will go under some minor changes, at...