Reactor is a gloomy stoner doom band hailing from Turku, Finland. Their music has been described as the Maryland doom from Finland and their musicians the proud bearers of sabbathian riffs, the group has blessed our ears with their uncompromised sound for 20 years.

Friends from their youth and each by themselves talented musicians, Reactor has a rich history in their musical career. Formed in 1997 the group has since actively promoted their music both with demo recordings and excellent live shows. Some high points of their career include high rankings in band competitions and playing as a supporting act for bands like Mustasch (SWE), Brant Bjork (US) and Truckfighters (SWE).

Recently, the year 2011 was a special one for Reactor. Their first album, Gravity, was released and the band has since gained many new fans and listeners. In 2012 Reactor stands strong. Great shows, a flow of new material and over 1500 Facebook likes has given them the chance to expand their musical reach even further.

The band’s current lineup consists of Tommi Siniranta (vocals, guitar), Janne Argillander (bass), Antti Siniranta (drums) and Tatu Koivu (guitar). Every member brings a piece of themselves to every single tune that comes out of the band’s instruments. This creates an interesting mixture of musical elements, while the sound still remains pure and organic. One can say that by listening to Reactor you hear both the future and the best echoes from the past of stoner doom.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab these pieces of massive stoner doom art and let the sounds rumble you to the other dimension. Gravity is available as a digital download.

The lineup:

Tommi Siniranta — vocals, guitar
Antti Siniranta — drums
Tatu Koivu — guitar
Janne Argillander — bass