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January 15, 2006

Studio day two

We started at 2 p.m. Right off with the drums. We took couple of test takes, which went pretty nicely, but when it was time for the real thing, everything got messed. But after long hours of fighting with the drums, eventually we had three songs with drum tracks laid. Recording bass After the drums we moved on to the bass-man. As always, everything didn’t go as planned. The computer started to mess with us, big time. We didn’t have a glue what was its problem, it just kept lagging the recorded input. A serious fight was engaged, with no results. Just when everything was falling apart and the world started to suck, our own computer technician, Tatu, jumped to take control. He then did something and a little other things with the computer and suddenly it started to work again. Though no one really knows if it was actually him that made it work, or did it just fix itself. Well, doesn’t matter as long as we could continue recording. And we carried on to the bass. Recording the bass would have been hell of a lot easier if the player himself wouldn’t have been so drunk. Though he made no mistakes in playing, it was the counting that confused him. But with a little adjusting the basslines mumbled to tracks. Niko getting drunk Hard mumbling and stumbling with bass was over, we called it a day. But just before leaving we checked Tatu’s guitar so that it would be easier to start right off tomorrow. Then it’s time for guitars and vocals. Finding the right sound Tatu jamming