News & happenings

January 14, 2006

Studio day one

Crash. Meet up at the rehearsing interior, clock hit 5 p.m. We stumbled to the recording interior, with the equipment, at 6 p.m. At the recording interior. Today we only miked up the drums and made some pre-recording checks. Tested the click in action and made some sound adjusting.åÊ The actual recording will occur tomorrow, on Satruday, as we had planned earlier. So no concrete results were made today. Tomorrow, hopefully, we’ll record the drum tracks and basslines. We are going about it in a totally different way than we have previously. Now we’re going to record the drums alone, with a click (lame, yeah, we know). So it’s gonna be quite interesting to see what will come out of this. If we manage to do things promptly, we might actually get everything recorded this weekend. And that’s what we’re going for. Though no pressure. Umm, that’s about it. Tomorrow we’ll show some pictures.