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January 24, 2006

Stonerlove Penetration

Such a headache, and destruction. The show on Thursday, it was fine, though things could have gone much better. At least that’s how I think. With the lucky witnesses accompanied, I made shit out of my circled tin plates. Now they’re useless and that’s how frecking hard the show was. It was minus fifty degrees celcius, at least, outside and we could feel the polar bears crawling towards us. Modern day luxury has made us all whining bonebags, but that’s okay, it’s nature’s way of getting back at us.

Anyway the whole last week was nothing but lots of carrying our instruments in the cold and cursing at each other. Things don’t make sense, will they ever. Stoner-love was spread, and ones who did not receive it, have real issues with stoning rock-ballads. About the studio session we experienced that one weekend. Well, things went pretty fine. The raw shit, that we have at our creepy little hands now is somewhat shit, but it might get better or then it don’t. And if it don’t, someone’s feeling a bit of cold steel in certain cavity. The whole nerve-wrecking mixing job hasn’t commenced yet, so the demo’s waiting for polishing and finalization. These take place at not-yet-known point of time. If ever. No one can tell what comes out of this, but it will soon be out there with the truth, for all the ears that you wear on your tiny little empty heads. Live from Klubi, January 19th