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July 14, 2004

Future Kills

Hey. First of all, Niko is back in business, and it seems that we’ve got an upcoming gig here in Turku. The show takes place in Klubi, and the other acts are Painstream, Deapre, SxIxKxA (from Slovakia) and Creepy Crawlie. It’s on Thursday, July 22nd. and it’s 4€ or a machete swing to get inside. Doors open at 9pm. Should be somewhat messy. So be sure to come and slit some throats with your newly purchased machete. Secondly, we, Reactor, have been sketching up some plans for the future and it all actually looks quite bright now. We are to bring the promised new shit further in autumn. Also we might have more gigs coming later on after the new shit is done. As for the site, our webmaster is doing his draft, so it might be pretty quiet with the website (graphical and technical) updates. But anyway, it’s been quite fun gunning down those naked hippies who like to run through other people’s property. Back to my post.