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December 20, 2005

Four ways around it

We got this motherwrecking domain, the holy goat, whatever-thing, working again. The layout has changed, this time for real, and it’s Pink! Hope you can handle it ’cause we sure as hell don’t care. Anyway feel free to comment on it or comment on whatever you feel like commenting on, us, politics, girls, boys, nudity or even music. The pages keep evolving day after day and year after year, so regular visits are not only encouraged but a necessity. Feel free to traverse around. Contents are soon here. In other news, We are performing live on January 19th, it’s a Thursday but it’s Free. And it’s at Klubi, Turku. Oh yeah and a note, for those who actually like to use these RSS-feed thingies, the new address for our RSS-feed is: . There now go have a pint, I’m throwing in some whiskey right about now. Cheers!