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March 21, 2006

Fits of CD

Hi you all. The whole process of creating concrete evidence of the recorded demo has taken much more time than we thought it ever would. But factors that were not dependent of us lead to this point. No one gets sued though. But on a brighter side, the discs should land here this week, or next week. Either way after the weekend the cd’s will start to spread all over the continents of europe… If I got you interested on this matter, you might aswell contact us in any way you want, pigeons, congas, e-mail, whatever, as long as the message is simple and gets through!

And some statistics, we had 1573 visitors altogether in January and 1299 in February. We thank you all for your interest. A humble bow ensues.

Also be on a lookout for future, because FINALLY things start to happen around here. More stuffl will appear in the near future, this is a promise! This time for Real!

That’s it for today. Now back to saving the chipmunks.