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July 5, 2005

Diary Post #1

The show on friday was loads fun. It was really great to be on stage as four piece for such a long time. The idea of taking another guitar on the roll was to get more diversity to our sound and to get some more diversity for me and my vocals. The feedback from the audience, and from people who have observed us over the years was merely positive. This really felt good. Our goal on that matter is now achieved. Also, songwriting process gets totally renewed now. The responsibility divides to four members, which again gives a lot more diversity to our songs, as well as the sound we have. This, then again doesn’t change us as a band, since Tatu has been around for ages, we still maintain the basic structure and touch we’ve always had. So as new material arises, the urge to go in to studio also occurs. Meanwhile, please do download the demos and spread it all over. Come to see us live and dig it! If you can’t stop it, let it roll, it’s only rock ‘n roll! – Tommi