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July 24, 2004

Blaster News

Hello. The last gig on thursday in klubi was perhaps the best show in months, we really liked playing there again. Even if it did not seem like so. Anyway, big thanks to the fellow acts and organizers. It was blasted fun again boys and girls. Plenty of backstage activities… And Niko, as usual, was drunk as hell. This time we left our weapons at home for the risk of unwanted lawsuits that could have ensued. We apologize. We even got some pictures taken from that show plus some poor quality video footage. Tommi and his PVC pants Niko hit in the face Antti having some refreshment Tommi on stage Tommi screaming, Niko wandering Antti swinging More might come, later on. The future is still open but things will happen. But now, let the squirrel-hunt begin again so go and waste a furry one.