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January 14, 2005

Alive and killing

Hey, it’s time to babble about the future again and what it might or might not bring. We have another act of live violence in Klubi ahead, again. This time with groups which act in the spirit of nu-metal. Bands being named such as Nicole, Rust and Ace In a Hole. The date is Wednesday February 16th, and it’s 5euros to march in. But it’s worth the money, the fore mentioned acts will take care of that shit. The demo is now here for you to experience its frequencies. Follow below. Control Awaits Think Christ

In other news, there will be a whole section devoted for Tommi’s ranting. This section keeps inside all the nunecessary and depressing shit no one cares about, but which interfere Tommi from leading his happy and simple life. But, let him fulfill himself within the borders that lie between reasoning and tolerance. The only problem that chops our genitalia is that we don’t have a name for this section yet, so hit us with your perverted suggestions, you dirty hippies. Later on more on stuff.